Please visit our members during any regularly scheduled 7:00 pm squadron meeting on Tuesdays at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Our meetings are held in the Texas Department of Transportation Flight Service Center. The building is located off Highway 71 at 10335 Golfcourse Road. Please refer to the map below.

The facility is behind a secure fence. A call button and intercom are located on a post outside the main gate. Press the call button and announce to the guard you are attending the Civil Air Patrol meeting. The guard will open the gate automatically. Please pull into the lot to your left. We use the parking spaces along the fence adjacent to Golfcourse Road, allowing our hosts at TXDot to use parking closer to the building. A guard is positioned inside the front door of the building, so please have your driver's license available if the guard asks for it. You will be directed down the main hallway where you will see a staircase. Our meeting room is at the top of the stairs.

Please call or write to our Squadron Commander prior to your visit to insure no changes have occurred in our meeting schedule. Captain Anthony Plattsmier can be reached at 512.657.0541 or at

We look forward to meeting you!